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Punjab National Bank Planned to Increase its Capital upto 5000 cr

The Punjab National Bank planned to increase its equity capital upto 5000 crore from market to grow its funds. This decision was made in a board meeting held on 27 September 2017. This meeting was conducted for ‘Raising Common Equity Tier Capital upto Rs. 5000 Crores' as per Basel - III

The Total income of Bank has increased to Rs 14,468 crore in the quarter ended by 30th June 2017. A year ago its total income was Rs. 13,475.There is 12% increase in profit this year which is near about Rs. 343 crore.

PNB Nse shares facing sharp dip in price since last some trading sessions. In Future there is high chance of Punjab national bank to grow .It will be in Buying mode. So the people who are currently active in PNB must hold their shares and it is good opportunity for new buyes to trade in PNB.

PNB Current Market Price is near Rs.131 .It may go down up Rs.115 and after some time it will go up to Rs.190.

There is also news of merging of other some banks into PNB. If it happens its share price may shoot Rs. 250

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Date:29-09-2017 at 04:36 PM

Why only India stock markets are affecting Global Bad News

It seems Indian Stock Markets are having only concern about global developments while other all globally major emerging stock markets are ignorant? Indian stock markets always reacted to every dipping in ranking like lowering the ranking of UK by Moody’s and ranking of China lower by S & P.

These days FII’s are reducing in Indian Share Markets. Foreign Investors are selling their stocks from Indian stock market and buying in other emerging markets like BRICS markets other than India.

Indian markets are too much costly as compare than ever. Price to earning ratio in India share markets are too much higher than China at 15 times , South Africa at 15 times , Brazil at 17 time and Russia at 7 times.

After Demonetization and GST implements Indian economy is suffering from a serious crises. The foreign Investors are taking back their money due to fear of a big break down in India Economy . Current Situations foreign Investors are able to book herby amount of profit So they are not in mood to take risk.

Another biggest reason behind it domestic Institution are buying their sellings. South Africa and Brazil stock markets are showing promise on more profit with low investment.

Date:28-09-2017 at 02:49 PM

Reasons behind Market Crack Down. Sensex falls over 1000 and Nifty 335 points just in last 5 days.

Heavy selling pressure for stocks continued on sensex and nifty. Bse mid cap index down by 1.6% and Bse small cap index down by 2.8% .

Last year December,2016 the sensex index fell nearly 1200 points without any signal of reversing trend.

Those trade for short firm may take it as opportunity to close their profitable long position. Long Term Investors should keep calm and have courage. They should find new opportunities for buying new stocks to add them their portfolio.

High Prices
Markets are full of sky rafting prices with poor fundamentals is a serious concern.

FIIs are sellers more than buyers
Foreign institutional investors are in exit mode. They had withdrawn Rs.5500 crore in last month and Rs. 6200 crore in last six months. This Out flow is affecting the markets.

North Korea
There are tensions between North Korea and United States of America with a war of words. Instability in Asia due to North Korea - USA relations , India-China relation, India – Pak relation is preventing investments in the region from rest of World.

Dollar v/s Rupee
After six month recovery period Indian rupee fell to its six month low mark. Weaken domestic currency against USA Dollar affecting equity market.

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Date:27-09-2017 at 01:12 PM

Best Stocks to Buy Today

Although after demonetisation Tata Motors suffer from sharp decline in sales.The market experts and analysts were expecting 70-80% decline in Tata Motors EBDITA.They were Projecting Tata Motors @ Nse and Bse to a newer low price.But Tata Motors Nse share and Bse share performance was not worst as per market pandits were expecting.

Recently, Tata Motors has launched many products like Tiago, Tigore, Hexa and Nexon. The company launched Tata Nexon in both petrol and deisel variants.Tata Nexon Petrol variant starts from Rs.5,85,000.Tata Nexon has stylish look, features and powerful engine than its competetors like Maruti brezza,Ford ecosport,Hundai i20,Hundai xcent,Renault Duster,Nissan Terrano...

Market experts are expecting a sharp growth in Tata motor sales due to Tata Nexon and Tata Tigore. Recently Tata also improved its services quality.These things will impact Tata Motors Growth.

In next few weeks Tata Motors Nse Share Price may touch 620 and may go upto 780.Tata Motor Nse share CMP is 415.

Date:26-09-2017 at 10:12 AM

Tyres May Change Your Fortune. How?

If you drive D-Street on the tyre stocks then you may be lucky.These tyres Stocks may change your Fortune.After imposing anti dumping duty on chinese tyres there is a great potential of growth for indian tyre companies.

As a report of Deutsche Bank, Indian tyre Stocks like MRF,Apollo Tyre and CEAT may go upto 25-30% upside in next few months.

Date:24-09-2017 at 05:25 PM

The Best App for an Indian Stock Market?

There has been a forceful increase within the volume of trades done on an exchange as compared to it within the past. The degree is consistently increasing day by day. Intraday mercantilism is one among the categories of trade presently done on an oversized scale on Indian stock market. Intraday means that mercantilism in an exceedingly script that is purchased throughout the day and therefore the same is sold-out out throughout that individual day solely, while not taking its delivery. Infobahn quantity of gain or loss has to be settled by the dealer to the agent or the member of the exchange.

There are varied apps offered on completely different in operating systems and one among my a lot of most popular application that is obtainable on the golem, Blackberry, iOS, Windows and additionally on Symbian system is “Money Control”. This application provides an oversized spectrum of options and services necessary for the traders of intraday. To remain up-to-date the applying provides recent news and every one the recent and predictable events that are nevertheless to require place. It provides service of checking any stock value to making your own portfolio and maintaining identical.

Various tips for intraday traders also are offered on this application that helps traders to deal in those stocks. However, it's ne'er counseled to try and do mercantilism blindly on the mere basis of these tips. It provides rates at that the dealer ought to enter the trade and what the rates are expected throughout the day and additionally stop-loss rates are given for them.

Different mercantilism applications give a spread of options which permit users to induce elaborated and factual data concerning any needed stock mercantilism on an exchange. It provides comprehensive knowledge and data concerning the corporate from its origination to this date. The applying provides data on daily fluctuations in costs in an exceedingly graphical manner that is sort of helpful for all the kind of traders and mercantilism classes. The beginner also can learn multiple things from these styles of apps.

The major advantage of this sort of applications is that, they're freed from value, work on every type of systems and that they also can be used on desktop likewise as on mobile, pill and varied different similar styles of gadgets likewise. You’ll be able to additionally attempt the premium version of those mercantilism applications. If you're searching for the free intraday tips A1 Intraday Tips can assist you to realize the most profit with minimum risk by providing the simplest intraday mercantilism tips. Without charge Trial, you'll be able to register here to avail our Free Intraday Tips.

Date:22-09-2017 at 02:39 PM

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